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According to legend, IWC watchmakers noticed a client wearing a ref. The watchmakers were so inspired by its originality that they created a tribute for the 125th anniversary of IWC. The Jubilee also featured the same cal. The pocket-watch movements were 982 in steel and 1,000 in gold, with 250 made in platinum. I was a young watch collector when I fell in love with the watch. I can remember seeing one on the wrist an ear nose and throat doctor who was attempting to shove a camera into my sinuses and up my nose in Singapore. I remember jumping out of my seat, camera hanging from my nose and screaming "You're Wearing the Portuguese Jubilee!" As he recoiled from the deranged, pointing spasmodically patient, pointing at his wrist.

It was a problem that ref. The 5441 watches sold out quickly after they were launched. Later, when I was considering buying one, their residual prices began to rise rapidly. In 2000, IWC would launch another iconic timepiece, the Portuguese 2000, featuring its in-house, automatic seven-day-power-reserve cal. The 5000 was the first of its kind,Rolex Day Date Replica ushering in the era for the modern Portuguese. For me and horological enthusiasts, the ref.5441 represents the forefather of all modern Portugueses and is the most important link that connects this model's history with its future. While I was especially enamored of the rose-gold, it took me a full decade to find and afford a stainless steel watch.

I kept it until one day when, in an act of myopic stupidity that demonstrated the folly of my youth I sold it for the money to buy another IWC diving watch - the Deep One, which has a built-in depth gauge with a bourdon tube. This watch is now on the wrist my business partner Bruce Lee. I gave it him as a replacement for the exact watch that had been stolen.

I began to consider asking IWC to create a REVOLUTION edition watch for me as the 10th anniversary of REVOLUTION approached. Georges Kern, among all watch CEOs, has been our staunchest supporter and unwavering advocate. He is also one of the most dynamic leaders within the luxury industry for our generation. He transformed IWC, which was once a brand of beautifully engineered, rugged and utilitarian watches, into one of the world's most prestigious luxury lifestyle portuguese chrono replica He has also revolutionized the watch business by using modern communication tools, such as television and cinema, in order to reach a new audience. His leadership skills go far beyond the boardroom. I have also had the pleasure of cycling with him in a non-stop race of 1,000km around Switzerland. Georges is a man who can be intimidating, but anyone who knows him knows this. I approached him trepidatiously with my idea. He replied incredulously, "We do not do this." As you know, your magazine is our favorite. We were thrilled to see the first magazine that featured style, watches and fashion. It's perfect for us. This is why I said yes and this is why we did it. We love your readers, and we'd like to do something extra for them and you. It is the first limited edition we have ever done for a magazine. I was blown away by this incredible kindness.