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Replica Rolex GMT-Master II

This year, the focus for the brand was to look back, honour the past and give glimpses into the future, as well as to celebrate 150 years in watchmaking. The collection is inspired by IWC founder F. A. Jones. Grainger Herr says that Jones still holds a special place in the hearts of many at IWC. He says that Jones was an engineer who was meticulous and precise, but also a bold and dreamy entrepreneur.Rolex Replica Watches Our products and stories are a great example of this combination. We have fun with our ideas and concepts, while also making sure that everything is engineered according to a high Swiss-Germanic standards.

IWC founder, Florentine Ariosto Jones

"The building where it all began is still in use and makes us proud every single day. This is an early American architectural piece in the middle Switzerland. It is a piece of early American architecture in the middle of Switzerland. It is humbling to know that his dream has been realized and that it is the heartbeat of a global brand. To walk through this door each morning is like living the brand's heritage. It's almost unique. "In the modern age, many brands are nothing more than assembly lines, but we show you everything, from manufacturing to assembly to marketing. This is powerful."

IWC Headquarters built in 1875 along the Rhine River

Come to Schaffhausen

Grainger Herr and Klaus are in agreement when it comes to their love for IWC. They cannot imagine working anywhere else. Klaus said, "I was raised in St. Gallen not far from Schaffhausen." I wanted to go home, and IWC was close by. I asked them if they were looking for a watchmaker, and they said yes. I began in 1957, and am still here,audemars piguet replica watches no longer making watches but representing the brand that I love. I felt at ease from the very first day, when I assembled the Mark 11 movements. This was the first time I felt like this, neither at school nor work. Even in the tough times of the 1970s, the feeling is the same today. IWC is home."