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Australian Chinese-Classics Reciting Centre New Class Opening
ACPPRC, together with Australian Hokkien Huay Kuan Association, initiated the Australian Chinese-Classics Reciting Centre (ACCRC) in 2003 as a charitable education organisation. The objective is to provide a platform for the Australian children, whether of Chinese origin or not, to learn and understand the Chinese culture, so as to cultivate the young generation to be culturally rich, respectful and tolerant. Since July 2003, the teaching has been conducted by experienced voluntary teacher totally free of charge to children aged 3-13. ACCRC teaches moral values and traditional culture based on the Chinese classics. ACCRC started from seven little kids of one class, now there are many classes in Sydney’s Haymarket and many other local suburbs. Opening ceremony of new ACCRC in Gosford was on 6th April 2008.