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2013 Eyes on China-Qinghai Charity Project
The Opening ceremony for “Eyes on China 2013” and Inauguration Ceremony for the Ophthalmic Department of Qinghai Tibetan Hospital took place in the morning of 7 September 2013 in Qinghai Tibetan Hospital. 230 cataract operations were performed sucessfully. After helping to establish the Ophthalmic Department of the Qinghai Tibetan Hospital, ACPPRC provided training for the local Eye Doctors and donated advanced medical equipment and instruments to the hospital.


The following extract is taken from Allen’s diary of the trip to China to attend an ACPPRC “Eyes on China” Project in Qinghai.


My attendance came about because the International President, Barry Palmer was unable to accept the invitation, due to the ANZI Forum in Bali.

Someone and I am not sure who, put my name up to the “Eyes on China ~ 2013” people and IP Barry, who all agreed that I should replace  him as the Lions Clubs International Representative.

The Grand Opening Ceremony, for “Eyes on China” 2013 was held on 7 September.

The Inauguration Ceremony for the Ophthalmology Centre was held in the Qinghai Tibetan Medical Hospital.

At the conclusion of the Ceremony, we were then taken to the Operating Theatre to see the Cataract Operations being performed. It is amazing that these operations take 15 minutes to perform and let people who have had no sight, in some cases years of blindness, see again a short time after this operation.

At this time I would like to offer my personal congratulations to:

Australian Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China (ACPPRC)

NSW Parliament Asia-Pacific Friendship Group 

Lions Clubs International, whom I represented as an observer on behalf of our International President Lion Barry Palmer.

I understand that Lions Clubs International will support this project in 2013-2014; a decision I strongly agree with.

Two hundred and thirty (230) cataract operations were performed during those 3 days.

Two hundred and thirty (230) miracles made possible by a Team of Miracle Makers!

I speak of the seven medical doctors and five nurses who came from Australia and the local province who made this possible.

It should also be noted that ACPPRC "Eyes on China" medical projects not only carry out cataract operations, but also provide training for the local Eye Doctors as well as donate advanced medical equipment and instruments to the local hospitals. An Ophthalmic Department of the Qinghai Tibetan Hospital is being established with the support by ACPPRC this year. This has enabled them to continue the treatment of eye patients after the ACPPRC medical team has left China. 

It should be noted there are still over 600 potential cataract patients waiting for the free cataract operations by ACPPRC "Eyes on China 2013" in Qinghai.

In conclusion, we appreciate the generosity of William Chiu and Mr. Kam Chung Chan who have made this project possible. We also thank them for their hospitality, shown us in the past week. Thank you both.

Allen J Fraser
Past District Governor
September 20th 2013

NSW Premier Met 'Eyes on China' Team at Parliament House

On the 23rd of August 2013, The Hon. Barry O’Farrell, Premier of NSW, met ACPPRC and ‘Eyes on China’ medical team members in the Jubilee room at NSW Parliament House. He said:” ...Most delighted to wish the project well. Pleased to see Chinese Community contributing to welfare in China. Glad to know an Ophthalmic Centre has been set up in Qinghai Tibetan Hospital... Sorry I could not come this trip but do realise how the operation would help cataract sufferers... all the best for the trip.”

During the meeting, Mr William Chiu introduced the ‘Eyes on China’ chartity project. He thanked for the great support from The Hon. Barry O’Farrell, NSW Government, Chinese Governments and supporters from all walks of life. Mr. Mark Coure MP, representative of NSW Parliament Asia Pacific Friendship Group, also delivered a warm speech and best wishes.